Duress Alarm Response Training

Most customer-facing organisations have duress (or panic) alarms fitted at their reception areas or within their interview or meeting rooms. In many cases when these duress alarm buttons are fitted, staff are not adequately trained on how, or when to use them.

Teach your staff how to identify unsafe situations which may require them to activate an alarm to ensure a response from others within their team.

Our duress alarm response courses are practical based, facilitating scenarios and drills to simulate incidents which have the potential to occur within your workplace.

Like any other emergency response procedure, staff need to know how to activate the alarm and have a clear understanding of the process associated with an alarm activation. That's why we deliver practical based training, where your staff will face scenarios real to your workplace.

Your business requires a plan on what should happen when a staff member activates the alarm. We work with you to provide a plan and create a simple process which everybody understands, knowing how to respond in the event of a duress alarm activation.

If you want your team to be confident and capable in the use of Duress Alarms and how to respond… contact us today!

Good to take part in the role play of a duress alarm being activated. Knowing what to do in theory is not as good or beneficial as actively taking part and finding out how things will play out and what you would feel comfortable doing. Also good to find out ‘how our system works’.

Janine, MBIE