Create vigilant staff who can effectively manage theft incidents (shoplifters) and robbery situations.

Effectively managing incidents of theft

In the Retail space we have identified two key areas of risk which require organisations to consider taking steps in relation to managing the safety and wellbeing of their staff.

For businesses operating within the retail industry, every incidence of shoplifting impacts significantly on your profits. It is estimated that retail theft in our country results in losses of up to $1,000,000,000 a year annually.

Do your staff know how to effectively prevent and manage a shoplifting incident?

Our program teaches your staff how to identify shoplifters by recognising the signs and behaviours associated with theft, then how to take proactive steps towards preventing the incident. We also teach your staff how to stay safe when dealing with a shoplifter who may become difficult and potentially aggressive.

Your staff will also learn about their legal rights and responsibilities in relation to theft, trespass and dealing with suspects.

If you want vigilant staff who are aware of how to manage shoplifting incidents… contact us today!

Coping with Robbery Situations

Any organisation whose staff are required to handle cash or deal with property of value are potentially at risk from this ever increasing threat. In New Zealand on average there is a robbery occurring every 3-4 hours.

We want to assist your organisation to be working in line with best practice, but most importantly ensuring your staff are making the right decisions in stressful and threatening situations to maximise their safety.

Our ‘Coping with Robbery’ course focuses on keeping people safe in your workplace when exposed to incidents of robbery.

Our training will assist your staff in understanding how to reduce the chances of a robbery occurring. It will also teach them how to cope in the event a robbery does occur while they are working.

We want your staff to make the right decisions in a stressful situation to maximise their safety but also to ensure that the organisation is working in line with best practice.

Keep your staff safe during robbery events… contact us today!

Great information, the way it was taught has made me feel confident and fully prepared for all situations. Thank you for providing such a great and valuable course.

Holly, Shell