Customised Safety and Security Training for your organisation

Employers have a legal and moral responsibility to keep their staff safe in the workplace. Allsafe works with organisations to make this a reality, through our Situational Safety, Duress (Panic) Alarm Response, and Retail Theft staff training.

Providing your staff with safety training is not an expense, it’s an investment into your staff and the future of your organisation

Safe Practices and Effective Communication (S.P.E.C.) Training

Give your employees the knowledge, confidence and skills to manage difficult customer situations

Our S.P.E.C. program has been designed specifically to teach employees real and effective techniques that they are able to practice and apply into their work processes. These techniques when used in the workplace enable employees to recognise potential threats and take preventative action to keep themselves safe.

Dealing with aggressive clients, knowing when to ‘take flight’ and using methods of training to be able to ascertain potential dangers and de-escalate situations. I think this training should be mandatory for all our staff who come into contact with potentially dangerous clients and unpredictable situations.

Quita, Public Defence Service

Duress Alarm Response Training (D.A.R.T.)

Teach your staff how to identify unsafe situations which may require activation of an alarm, and how to respond in the event of an alarm.

Like any other emergency response procedure, staff need to know how to activate the alarm and have a clear understanding of the process associated with an alarm activation. Our training is different for every organisation, featuring scenarios real to your workplace.

Good to take part in the roleplay of a duress alarm being activated. Knowing what to do in theory is not as good or beneficial as actively taking part and finding out how things will play out and what you would feel comfortable doing. Also good to find out ‘how our system works’.

Janine, MBIE

Theft & Robbery Prevention

Create vigilant staff who can effectively manage theft incidents (shoplifters) and robbery situations.

This course teaches staff to identify shoplifters and then how to take proactive steps towards preventing the incident. We also teach your staff how to stay safe when dealing with a shoplifter who may become difficult and potentially aggressive.

Personable, appropriate and well delivered. High level of professionalism without being ‘stuffy’ Very relevant to my job. Increased awareness, knowledge and skill base. Provided strategies to use.

Rowan, Shell

Allsafe provided practical hands-on personal safety for our staff. They did a fantastic job and provided really good skills and invaluable training for our staff. I highly recommend it to organisations who have staff that interface with customers (some of whom may not be very happy!)

Alison, Health and Safety Manager